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women whipping stories 091 e1320429017166 More women whipping storiesI am locked up. Locked up naked in a pillory. Two guys behind me are whipping my bare ass. It hurts, it hurts badly. I can’t move. I can’t run or hide. I am exposed to these two “gentlemen”. All I can see is my screaming and crying face in a mirror.  I feel lost. Why did I follow them into this room?

women whipping stories 011 e1320431808630 More women whipping storiesJust a day ago, I started working in this bar. Well, it actually is whorehouse. With my family having financial problems I was forced to earn money. What ever I did, the money wasn’t enough to support them all. My parents, my five sisters, my brother, I was forced to support them all. So all there was, was to start working as a bar girl, offering those “special services”. But nobody told me anything about women whipping going on here.

As I said, I started yesterday, but not having had “serious” contact with clients yet. Just sitting with some older men at the bar, they were paying the champagne, a bit of fumbling, but not more. We have those rooms in the rear house, but I didn’t use them yet. And I have only women whipping stories 031 e1320431892115 More women whipping storiesbeen looking at one when they took me around for a first impression yesterday.

With a loud crack the bullwhipp lashes down on my buttocks. I scream. I see my face in the mirror, contorted with pain. The two guys are having fun as I can judge from my forced position. SMACK! The next blow hurts my ass. “Stop this madness!”, I shout out hysterically. They don’t care, they paid for fun, for women whipping fun…

So this early evening I was sitting at the bar, waiting for clients, when these guys came in. Very well dressed, but not too good manners. They came directly up to me, telling me they want to have me both at the same time in a room in the rear house. Obviously they weren’t first-timers. I told them that I was new and that I women whipping stories 051 e1320431965694 More women whipping storiesdidn’t want to do something like this, but the tall guy grabbed my arms and pulled me to the back entrance. “Come on girl, don’t be silly. We pay 1K for an hour, how does this sound?” Well, for 1K they can have me for an hour I thought and followed them to the rooms. They knew the place very well, knew exactly what room they wanted. The tall guy opened the door, I entered and was surprised. “What the fuck is this rack for?”, I asked. But the second guy locked the door behind us and said “I guess you will find out pretty soon, my dear”…

The pain changes. The hits aren’t as massive as with the bullwhip, but still the pain isn’t women whipping stories 111 e1320432152932 More women whipping storiesless. It is kind of thinner and sharper, if this makes sense. “We are using a dressage whip now, normally only used for horses”, they informed me before changing the torture instrument. My ass hurts like crazy, but there is nothing I can do but be a brave whipped woman…

They saw that I didn’t like what was happening when we entered the room. They grabbed me brutally and forced me into this rack. CLACK! CLACK! CLACK! My arms were fixed, so was my head. No more root of escape. They had me. Nobody would hear my shouting, my crying. They had all the time they needed for a severe women whipping.

They stop using this dressage whip and I hope they are satisfied by now. But I err.
“This is a crop.”, they let me know, “Now we’ll get into real women whipping, honey!”

The large guy swings the crop versus my pussy…

women whipping stories 131 e1320432278558 More women whipping storiesSee how this women whipping story continues and download the complete HD video here.

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Head down pussy whipping

Here is our new whipping story, named “Head down pussy whipping”…

pussy whipping 011 e1319996342715 Head down pussy whippingShe deserves it. Deserves a severe pussy whipping. Why does she always pretend headache when I am horny? She wants pain? She can have it! A brutal pussy whipping will bring her the real pain…

It is Friday evening. After work I went drinking withpussy whipping 091 e1319996537858 Head down pussy whipping some friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not drunken or anything, just had a couple of drinks before I went home. I was just in the right mood to have some real good sex with my girlfriend.
“Not this evening, honey.”, was her reply. “My migraine hit me again. It feels like my head is bursting.”

I am so tired of getting these answers. We didn’t have any sex since five weeks – because of her headache. Enough, is enough, so I grabbed her and forced her into my garage.

Her clothes are gone, she is totally naked. I tied her to my pulley, for a total pussy expose and pulled her up. Now she is ready to receive the real pain – the pussy whipping pain.

pussy whipping 141 e1319996746581 Head down pussy whippingHer legs are spread wide open, her pussy is defenseless. But I start out by ass whipping her, to nourish hope that I might spare her pussy. I lash her very hard. Dark red welts are rising quickly, but I show no mercy, I keep hitting her brutally. On and on. After whipping her ass, I care for her back. Then it is about pussy whipping 161 e1319996937523 Head down pussy whippingtime for a tit whipping, So I care for her big tits. Her whole body is already flecked with stripes and bruises of all colors.

After a while I can’t hold myself anymore. I start the pussy whipping. First I grab her hands, pull them behind her back. Then I push her upper body forward and put my head between her legs, so she can look right into my eyes before I ask her: “Now what do you prefer? Headache or pussy whipping pain?” In the same moment I step back and pull down the singletail all the way. She screams out loud. Pain all over her face.The pussy whipping has begun…

Usually I would not use a singletail for a pussy whipping. The vagina is a damn sensitive part of a woman’s body. Usually I would chose a flogger or a Cat O Nine whip. The singletail concentrates the whole whipping power to a slim streak. And all this power transmits to her cunt with every single pussy whipping 121 e1320004336826 Head down pussy whippingstrike. This is one of the most painful ways of pussy whipping and way to hard for most women, but she really deserved it. Next time she will think twice, before pretending a headeache.

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Bound women

This week we are making a foray into bound women, or as you may say “Hogtied women”, enjoy: IMG 7281 e1319382665429 Bound women I tied her up. I’m experienced in tying them up, women I mean. bound women 031 e1319394962775 Bound womenUsually I start by tying their thighs and shanks together. That makes them incapable of escaping. bound women 041 e1319395133440 Bound womenTo be on the safe side, just in case I get distracted for a short moment for whatever reason.
She was immobile now. Her fate was in my hands. No quick route out anymore…

I tied her arms together, behind her back. First of all you need to bind wrist over wrist. This is the basement and an important step. Do it careful, work from there. Two more threads to fix her hands. Now the big ones around her upper arms, upper body, neck, middle. Stabilize by cross connecting. Done!

bound women 051 e1319395249137 Bound women

I had her. My bound woman. Kneeling in front of me. Naked. Dependent on whatever I decided to do with her. She was mine, only mine.

Yesterday, when she told me that she was ready for her first punishment, we agreed that even though she is a beginner, we would go into serious pain right away. It is up to me to decide how far to go. She knows I’m an experienced Dom – she trusts me and she has good reasons to. I am aware of my responsibility for her, of the risks and consequences of my actions.

“You have been a bad girl”, I started out, “I am very sad and disappointed. The consequence will be a bound punishment. Are you willing to accept this?” This is my standard manner to start out with newbies, just to make sure they are still in line. “Yes master”, she replied. “Louder!” “Yes master!” “This is my little sweetie…”, I tried to lift her morale.

“Spread your knees a bit more” I ordered her. A part of my overall strategy is to have them to expose their pussy from the very beginning. Never would I start out bound women 081 e1319395544400 Bound womenthe punishment at their sanctuary, but the bare threat of me being able to do it at any point, gives the relationship a further thrill, a higher level.

Indoors, bullwhips aren’t very handy, so I used a shorter singletail for the beginning. The first beat hit her tits and her body was winding under sweet pain. The second beat hit her breast even harder. She screamed out loud. Her upper body was moving, trying to avoid the lashes. She was new to this game. That’s what they always try when they are new. But she will learn, at latest when I will be taking care of her pussy.bound women 071 e1319395679663 Bound women

After a few more tit whippings, she begged me to stop: “please Master, it’s enough…” “There is only one person in this room up to decide when it is enough”, I reminded her of our agreement. She took some more beats on her tits in suspension, before she came out again and whimpered: “please let me go..”       “With every word from you it gets harder and bound women 141 e1319395812821 Bound womenharder, so it’s up to you” I urged her. When I decided her tits had enough, I was up to the game plan I mentioned earlier. Still on her knees, I forced her to spread the legs even wider, again exposing her cunt to potential hits. And the hits were coming bound women 161 e1319395986265 Bound womencloser, hard clapping lashes drummed down on her thighs. It was just a question of time before I was going to take care of her pussy…

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Severe Whipping

A severe whipping story with images.

Hello my name is Kate, I am an architect and have recently received a very severe whipping.

In my short but successful career I have designed houses at the most beautiful places of the world. I also have worked for the richest and craziest people whom one could ever imagine. But I will never forget the construction site on Ibiza.

severe whipping01 e1318588776264 Severe WhippingI make an excellent job as an architect. But dealing with my super rich customers is often very complicated. Because of this, I often reduce the contact to the most necessary. But often this habit gets interpreted as arrogance. Well, you can’t suit everybody.

I had a new customer, Mr Cunningham. He engaged me to modify his new property on Ibiza. The juicy part was, that I should form this into an SM  club. “Why not get some new experience?”, I thought and accepted the job. If I only would have sensed what kind of experience awaited me on this island…

Monday morning I landed on Ibiza, hired a car and went through marvelous Mediterranean landscapes to the old country house. It stood on a cliff with a panoramic view over the Mediterranean. A wonderful object. Mr Cunningham already waited for me on the car park. He was middle aged, handsome and very charming. He had an unbelievable charisma, one immediately noticed that he was a leader. I liked him immediately. All the more, I have to ask myself, how the story could end like it finally did…

“Come in and look around, I am a bit in a hurry, my flight back to the states goes in two hours.”, he said. I had a look at the house and instantly had some very good ideas  for the redesign. “How much do you want to invest for the renovation?”, I asked Cunningham. “Don’t worry over money. Use the best of everything, but primarily, work fast, we want to launch this club very soon “, he answered in his straight way.

The next day I arranged a construction team. Since I had already worked on Ibiza, I knew a group of Polish workers there. Very reliable, very exact. They have a small problem with the tidiness though. The construction site is usually an unholy mess when they are involved.

severe whipping03 e1318588895130 221x300 Severe WhippingWe made good progress within the first few days. On Friday Cunningham called and informed me that he wanted to visit the construction site with a friend on Sunday.
Sunday morning I took the two gentlemen along into the foyer. It still looked a little chaotic there. I do not know what was wrong with Cunningham on this day but he immediately started yelling at me: “What have you been doing here the whole week? Nothing has changed at all. Did you little arrogant bitch amuse yourself all the days with your construction workers?”
I was completely aghast about his parlance. I did not know this side of Cunningham yet. I stammered ” why, what is not all right, then “?
“Didn’t you understand me, when i told you that this club has to be finished within a week?”, he yelled further. “I have already sent out hundreds of invitations to very influential people.”
That was the last straw. I yelled back at him and asked him, who he thought he is, to talk to me in this way.
Now his friend grabbed me from behind. He asked Cunningham, “isn’t this an excellent severe whipping04 e1318588992150 Severe Whippingopportunity, to test the freshly installed facilities?” Cunningham deligated him: “Yes, get her completely naked and tie her hands to the trapezium. I have already brought a couple of nice utensils for the club here.” With these words he pulled two gigantic whips out of his attaché case, while his friend tore the clothes of my body and tied me to the linkage at the ceiling.

“These are bull whips”, Cunningham enlightened me. “And you small piece of dirt will receive the first severe whipping of your life now.”
“WHOOOSH!” At the same moment the first stroke hit me like a lightning. It hit my side with an overwhelming strength. The Polish workers watched the presentation from the gallery and even made some dirty jokes. Before this first blow I still thought the two were bluffing, but now I knew the situation was serious.

severe whipping07 e1318589169385 Severe WhippingNow I tried to act cool and asked him with an artificial smile, “Is that all?” KAWOOOM! At the same moment the sadist’s black bullwhip hit my back with full hardness. The pain was so unbelievable, I thought I was going to die. At the third blow I was close to fainting. I somehow noticed that the two were beating me simultaneously, but all impressions very blurred. No single inch of my body escaped. They lashed my back, my ass, my pussy, my tits. They were in a rush.

If they came within my reach, I tried to kick them, but my strengths declined. I surrendered to my destiny after a while and let them do to me, what ever they wanted to.
Sometime I noticed that the strokes got weaker and they stopped.
I heard Cunningham’s voice in the background: “I hope you have learned your lesson and severe whipping09 Severe Whippingwill hand in your work in future on time. Within two days the club will be finished else we will come again and then things will get worse for you. Then you will receive a real severe whipping!” – I fainted…

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