More women whipping stories

There was an enormous feedback on our women whipping stories, so you didn’t leave us a choice. Here is our next installment of the women whipping stories series, have fun:

women whipping stories 091 e1320429017166 More women whipping storiesI am locked up. Locked up naked in a pillory. Two guys behind me are whipping my bare ass. It hurts, it hurts badly. I can’t move. I can’t run or hide. I am exposed to these two “gentlemen”. All I can see is my screaming and crying face in a mirror.  I feel lost. Why did I follow them into this room?

women whipping stories 011 e1320431808630 More women whipping storiesJust a day ago, I started working in this bar. Well, it actually is whorehouse. With my family having financial problems I was forced to earn money. What ever I did, the money wasn’t enough to support them all. My parents, my five sisters, my brother, I was forced to support them all. So all there was, was to start working as a bar girl, offering those “special services”. But nobody told me anything about women whipping going on here.

As I said, I started yesterday, but not having had “serious” contact with clients yet. Just sitting with some older men at the bar, they were paying the champagne, a bit of fumbling, but not more. We have those rooms in the rear house, but I didn’t use them yet. And I have only women whipping stories 031 e1320431892115 More women whipping storiesbeen looking at one when they took me around for a first impression yesterday.

With a loud crack the bullwhipp lashes down on my buttocks. I scream. I see my face in the mirror, contorted with pain. The two guys are having fun as I can judge from my forced position. SMACK! The next blow hurts my ass. “Stop this madness!”, I shout out hysterically. They don’t care, they paid for fun, for women whipping fun…

So this early evening I was sitting at the bar, waiting for clients, when these guys came in. Very well dressed, but not too good manners. They came directly up to me, telling me they want to have me both at the same time in a room in the rear house. Obviously they weren’t first-timers. I told them that I was new and that I women whipping stories 051 e1320431965694 More women whipping storiesdidn’t want to do something like this, but the tall guy grabbed my arms and pulled me to the back entrance. “Come on girl, don’t be silly. We pay 1K for an hour, how does this sound?” Well, for 1K they can have me for an hour I thought and followed them to the rooms. They knew the place very well, knew exactly what room they wanted. The tall guy opened the door, I entered and was surprised. “What the fuck is this rack for?”, I asked. But the second guy locked the door behind us and said “I guess you will find out pretty soon, my dear”…

The pain changes. The hits aren’t as massive as with the bullwhip, but still the pain isn’t women whipping stories 111 e1320432152932 More women whipping storiesless. It is kind of thinner and sharper, if this makes sense. “We are using a dressage whip now, normally only used for horses”, they informed me before changing the torture instrument. My ass hurts like crazy, but there is nothing I can do but be a brave whipped woman…

They saw that I didn’t like what was happening when we entered the room. They grabbed me brutally and forced me into this rack. CLACK! CLACK! CLACK! My arms were fixed, so was my head. No more root of escape. They had me. Nobody would hear my shouting, my crying. They had all the time they needed for a severe women whipping.

They stop using this dressage whip and I hope they are satisfied by now. But I err.
“This is a crop.”, they let me know, “Now we’ll get into real women whipping, honey!”

The large guy swings the crop versus my pussy…

women whipping stories 131 e1320432278558 More women whipping storiesSee how this women whipping story continues and download the complete HD video here.

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