Severe Whipping

A severe whipping story with images.

Hello my name is Kate, I am an architect and have recently received a very severe whipping.

In my short but successful career I have designed houses at the most beautiful places of the world. I also have worked for the richest and craziest people whom one could ever imagine. But I will never forget the construction site on Ibiza.

severe whipping01 e1318588776264 Severe WhippingI make an excellent job as an architect. But dealing with my super rich customers is often very complicated. Because of this, I often reduce the contact to the most necessary. But often this habit gets interpreted as arrogance. Well, you can’t suit everybody.

I had a new customer, Mr Cunningham. He engaged me to modify his new property on Ibiza. The juicy part was, that I should form this into an SM  club. “Why not get some new experience?”, I thought and accepted the job. If I only would have sensed what kind of experience awaited me on this island…

Monday morning I landed on Ibiza, hired a car and went through marvelous Mediterranean landscapes to the old country house. It stood on a cliff with a panoramic view over the Mediterranean. A wonderful object. Mr Cunningham already waited for me on the car park. He was middle aged, handsome and very charming. He had an unbelievable charisma, one immediately noticed that he was a leader. I liked him immediately. All the more, I have to ask myself, how the story could end like it finally did…

“Come in and look around, I am a bit in a hurry, my flight back to the states goes in two hours.”, he said. I had a look at the house and instantly had some very good ideas  for the redesign. “How much do you want to invest for the renovation?”, I asked Cunningham. “Don’t worry over money. Use the best of everything, but primarily, work fast, we want to launch this club very soon “, he answered in his straight way.

The next day I arranged a construction team. Since I had already worked on Ibiza, I knew a group of Polish workers there. Very reliable, very exact. They have a small problem with the tidiness though. The construction site is usually an unholy mess when they are involved.

severe whipping03 e1318588895130 221x300 Severe WhippingWe made good progress within the first few days. On Friday Cunningham called and informed me that he wanted to visit the construction site with a friend on Sunday.
Sunday morning I took the two gentlemen along into the foyer. It still looked a little chaotic there. I do not know what was wrong with Cunningham on this day but he immediately started yelling at me: “What have you been doing here the whole week? Nothing has changed at all. Did you little arrogant bitch amuse yourself all the days with your construction workers?”
I was completely aghast about his parlance. I did not know this side of Cunningham yet. I stammered ” why, what is not all right, then “?
“Didn’t you understand me, when i told you that this club has to be finished within a week?”, he yelled further. “I have already sent out hundreds of invitations to very influential people.”
That was the last straw. I yelled back at him and asked him, who he thought he is, to talk to me in this way.
Now his friend grabbed me from behind. He asked Cunningham, “isn’t this an excellent severe whipping04 e1318588992150 Severe Whippingopportunity, to test the freshly installed facilities?” Cunningham deligated him: “Yes, get her completely naked and tie her hands to the trapezium. I have already brought a couple of nice utensils for the club here.” With these words he pulled two gigantic whips out of his attaché case, while his friend tore the clothes of my body and tied me to the linkage at the ceiling.

“These are bull whips”, Cunningham enlightened me. “And you small piece of dirt will receive the first severe whipping of your life now.”
“WHOOOSH!” At the same moment the first stroke hit me like a lightning. It hit my side with an overwhelming strength. The Polish workers watched the presentation from the gallery and even made some dirty jokes. Before this first blow I still thought the two were bluffing, but now I knew the situation was serious.

severe whipping07 e1318589169385 Severe WhippingNow I tried to act cool and asked him with an artificial smile, “Is that all?” KAWOOOM! At the same moment the sadist’s black bullwhip hit my back with full hardness. The pain was so unbelievable, I thought I was going to die. At the third blow I was close to fainting. I somehow noticed that the two were beating me simultaneously, but all impressions very blurred. No single inch of my body escaped. They lashed my back, my ass, my pussy, my tits. They were in a rush.

If they came within my reach, I tried to kick them, but my strengths declined. I surrendered to my destiny after a while and let them do to me, what ever they wanted to.
Sometime I noticed that the strokes got weaker and they stopped.
I heard Cunningham’s voice in the background: “I hope you have learned your lesson and severe whipping09 Severe Whippingwill hand in your work in future on time. Within two days the club will be finished else we will come again and then things will get worse for you. Then you will receive a real severe whipping!” – I fainted…

This was the story of Kate about her first severe whipping. You can find 113 (!) pictures of this shooting in high-density on this site. You also can download the high quality video with the full story here. 

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